Milk Reception

Milk Reception is that step in the trade with milk where the responsibility for the raw milk goes from the milk producer to the Dairy.

The registration of delivered milk and samples for quality control takes place here.

At least once a week, samples of raw milk should be taken to a laboratory test and checked for the following.

  • Somatic cell count.
  • Bacteria count.
  • Protein and Fat content.
  • Freezing point

After accepting the raw milk, it must be cooled below +4° C.  If the milk is kept below this temperature, there is practically no deterioration of the bacteriological condition of the milk.

After cooling raw milk are can be kept in a Silo tank, or if the quantity is limited to a Farm Cooling tank

A typical Milk Reception Unit from one of our suppliers will consist of the following

01. Balance tank with lid – 150 ltr. – 3 way valve on outlet

02. Centrifugal milk pump with Frequency control

03. Flow meter for counting amount of ltr.

04. Double milk filter with 0,5mm Strainer

05. Plate Heat Exchanger – Working area from +30° C  to +4° C

06. Build as a Unit, ready for external connection to ice water unit

07. Stainless steel control panel with Simens blocks


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