Filling & Packaging of fresh Consumer products

From the very beginning, human used their hand when they saw a well and were thirsty.

When our ancestors start drifting around it was practical to bring some liquid with them, so they where using a calabash — and that is pretty much where we are today, with some small modifications.

A few of the modifications for packaging materials

  • Cartons
  • Bottles
  • Bags
  • Buckets
  • Cup

Without knowing more precisely what your production is, or shall be, it makes no sense to add pictures of a bunch of different filling machines but be assured we have been in touch with all of them.

Pasteurized milk products in the category Market or Consume Milk is a handful of milk products, meant to be used directly by consumers in relative short time after pasteurisation.

The products in this group can be, whole milk, skimmed milk, Standardised milk, whipping cream, buttermilk and many types of fermented milk and cream.

The Health authorities set the rules for which test samples should be taken and analyzed to make sure all pathogenic bacteria’s are killed during pasteurising, but the dairies has a great deal of freedom to compose their own recipe with regards to fat content and flavor’s they add to the product.

Remember!! The content in the packing must correspond to the declaration outside the packing.

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Type of Packaging -- What size 1/4-1/2-1 ltr.
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