Process Tanks -- With focus on Fermentation

To process fermented products you will need a tank with both heating and cooling so you can create the ideal temperature conditions for the added Bacteria Culture and thereby starting all the magic.

The different type of  Bacteria Cultures is often called by the nickname, Starters. In fact, there are so many different types, all with their own personality and peak competence, so you can easily create your personal flavours and make them your signature.

The Bacteria must be nursed with extreme diligence in the fermenting process, with regards to temperature and pH, in this way you can hit the same taste and consistency in your product every time you make it.

Yoghurt can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • Set Yoghurt
  • Stirred Yoghurt
  • Drinking Yoghurt

From these three variations, there will be several hundred members of the family, all with their own characters and with countless flavours added.  One of Mejeriets founder has participated in the yoghurt process right from its very beginning in Denmark, where fermentation took place in a 40 lt. milk can, placed in a warm water bath, up to the modern processing methods, used today, so no worries we can assist you on every level in your production.

Dessert Glasses Photo Art Quark  - ArtTower / Pixabay

Do you need process tanks -- Mejeriet can provide you with the components to set up an efficient production line

Don’t think it’s impossible to make good quality Fermented milk without sophisticated equipment — But it’s easier with the right tools

A small selection of tanks — All capacities available

05.01 – Ordinary tank with High shear mixer, especially good for mixing and blending powder & Liquids

05.02 — Yoghurt Fermentation tank — Double or Triple Jacket — Ystral type agitator.

05.03 — Batch Pasteuriser — Useful for smaller production of Fermented product and countless other Dairy functions

05.04 — Cream Fermentation Tank —– Extreme Heavy-duty Anchor agitator

Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook