Focus on Fermentation

To process fermented products, you will need a Batch pasteuriser or a tank with both heating and cooling to create the ideal temperature conditions for the added Bacteria Culture and start all the magic.

To avoid learning Latin, call the Bacteria Cultures a nickname, but remember from which trib it comes. There are so many different types, all with their personality and peak competence, and you can easily create your flavours and make them yours and your milking animal’s signature.

The starter culture shall be nursed like a newborn with extreme care and cleanliness before and after the fermenting process. This way, you can hit the same taste and consistency in your product every time.

Mejeriet split Yoghurt into three main groups:

  • Set Yoghurt
  • Stirred Yoghurt
  • Drinking Yoghurt

Several hundred family members will be from these three variations, all with their characters, matching a specific flavour such as coffee, or Strawberry 

One of Mejeriets founders has participated in the yoghurt processing from its very beginning in Denmark. – Fermentation took place in a 40 lt. curn, placed in a warm water bath, so no worries, we can assist you on every level in your production.