Utensils for Butter line

It takes estimated fat from 20 Kg of milk to make 1 kg of butter

Heat and temperature treatment of the cream
Cream – both traditional and organic – which is to be used for butter production, must undergo pasteurisation above 85° C. The ideal way to store cream for butter making is in a triple jacketed buffer tank where it’s possible to heat or cool the cream to get a uniform size of the fat globules and in the end a better consistency of the butter.

Mejeriet supplies electric pasteurisers special for this purpose.

Churning divide the cream into buttermilk and butterfat. Most of the butter today is produced on a continuous butter machine and only a small part in the churn.

Butter churn - Ask for model ans specifications

Packaging should have a stamp with the dairy’s identification number (EEC mark) and shelf-life date. Parchment or beakers are the standard wrappings, protecting the butter from light, oxygen, and strong odours.

Often Farm butter has been embossed with the Farms name or a carved model of the animal who has delivered the cream. You have to create your signature. — Lurpak is taken.

Cleaning of Butter equipment.

Plenty of very hot water and brushes and containers sustainable to hot detergent.

Just like using a GPS, Mejeriet is the best place to ask for theoretical & practical Dairy experience. That makes it possible for a joint Dairy owner to manage all aspects of their production.

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