A Separator is helpful for many purposes

The separation of Cream and Skim milk is a straightforward process.

During the author’s trainee time in Switzerland, we used to fill fresh milk into a vat, not too deep, but with a large surface. When the milk was left cold  overnight, the cream would separate, and we could skim the surplus cream off in the morning with a special sweeper, like the illustrated  one to the right

Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Hand Book

Usage of the Separator on an Industrial scale

The Dairy Industry around the World should send their thanks to the Swedish Engineer Gustav de Laval who developed the continuously cream separator and thereby starting the Dairy development in many countries.

The Danish Dairy Industry and its butter brand — Lurpak — Is a spin-off from the development of the Separator.

The Centrifuge or Separator is used in almost any industry where liquid need to be separated from something else e.g. oil from water, or getting rid of impurities

The Dairy business also make use of a special Centrifuge, called “Bactofuge” to get rid of unwanted microorganisms in the milk