Purpose for Process tanks -- Mixers and Blenders

Process tanks — Mixers & Blenders

Mejeriet has focused on equipment for making Yoghurt & Desserts – Chances for financial survival more than double when you extend  your product programme – and you make yourself more attractive to dealers

It’s almost impossible for a small scale Dairy to cover the running cost, if focusing on selling only one bulk product.

But thanks to Mejeriet’s extensive know how and innovative way of thinking we can help you increase the odds for survival in the Dairy industry.

When you want to make processed or fermented Dairy products on an industrial scale, equipment such as processing tanks or vats are needed.  You may need special agitators – Process controls for heating/cooling – pH control, etc. etc.

Just like using a GPS, Mejeriet is the best place to ask for theoretical & practical Dairy experience. That makes it possible for a joint Dairy owner to manage all aspects of their production.

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