Mixers and Blenders

Mixers & Blenders

As mentioned earlier, Mejeriet has focused on equipment for making Yoghurt & Desserts and most of this Process equipment can be used for other purposes.

To the right an illustration of a pipe mixer, but Mixers can be anything from Heavy-duty agitators to High Shear batch mixers.

Most Companies consider their edition of equipment as the Holy Gral and will not allow any photos. But don’t worry Mejeriet know how to design the equipment.

Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook

Do you need equipment for Mixing & Blending-- Mejeriet can provide you with the components to set up an efficient flow line

Based on the ID numbers below. Mejeriet shall be pleased to quote you the equipment you need.

Mixing & Blending can take place both in tanks & pumps

17.01 — Tank with triple wall for heating & cooling — Heavy duty agitator — Anchor type. — Can handle high viscose liquid

17.02 Fermenting tank with an Jet stream mixer — Triple walled for Heating/Cooling — Cone bottom

17.03 High Shear Mixer — Agitator wheel with half cup openings placed in the bottom of a square tank — High speed – Very efficient.

17.04 High Shear continuous mixer pump

17.05 Static Mixer pipe — Placed on the feeding line to the filler — Metric Fruit pump & Yoghurt feed pump work synchronously.

17.06 Reconstituted milk — High shear pump under a funnel circulating water over a tank until sufficient dry matter is achieved.

A result of Mixing & Blending