Ice water & Cooling plants

Ice water

When milk has undergone some heat treatment, it needs to be cooled, other way it’s getting spoiled

The reason Mejeriet mention Ice water as the first choice is the process of milk is personal, the author doesn’t like direct cooling — e.g Freon/Milk.

An Ice bank consists of

  • Compressor — Freon or Ammonia
  • Evaporator — Water tank with many meters of pipes folded closely in the water — 20–30mm of ice is building upon the pipe, keeping the water at 1½° C
  • Condenser with a fan to remove accumulated heat from the water
  • Pump to circulate the water to where is needed.
  • Consider alarm system  – You can’t do Buisiness without cooling
Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook

Cold stores

When milk is in the package, Mejeriet has no objection to whatever cooling method used to keep it fresh. — Consider the following:

  • The level of control in the Cold Store
  • Make sure there is a drain — For cleaning & outlet of condensate.
  • Make sure it can Auto-defrost
  • Back-up for both Cooling & Monitoring
  • Recording probes should be independent of control probes
  • Calibration of Recording/Monitoring should be done regularly.
  • Type of alarm system


Do you need equipment for cooling -- Mejeriet can provide you with the components to set up an efficient line

Based on the ID numbers below. Mejeriet shall be pleased to quote you the equipment you need.

Cooling is a must in a Dairy, fortunately, there are many sources.

22.01 Ice water plant — Freon as cooling media

22.22 Ice water plant — Ammonia as Cooling media

22.23 Cooling Unit for Cold Store — Freon as cooling media

22.24 Cooling Unit for Cold store — Ammonia as cooling media

22.25 Frost Unit for Freezing store — Freon as cooling media

22.26 Frost Unit for Freezing store — Ammonia as cooling media