You should use Colour-coded utilities for Manual cleaning

Maintaining a high degree of Food safety is your best Sales Agent.

One way to achieve this is to have a colour code for all manual utility tools that somebody can move from one team to another. These are Cans, Buckets, Scoops, Brushes

Example. Suppose the Toilet teams utilities is red. Then it’s obvious that a red brush or bucket never should be seen in, e.g. the white team making Butter.

When the items are inactive, they should be hanging on the wall or a tool cart, never laying or drifting on the floor.



Maintaining a clean environment is crucial in food safety. Cross-contamination should be avoided at all costs.

It’s essential to have colour-coded tools and equipment to prevent cross-contamination of different food groups.

Another important aspect of food safety is maintaining proper hygiene. All personnel shall wash their hands often.This helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria.

Ensure that the floor slopes towards the drains. It is essential to prevent water puddles on the floor.

Overall, food safety is not complicated, but it requires constant attention and adherence to best practices.


By investing in proper equipment and training your staff on proper cleaning procedures, you can ensure that your food products are of the highest quality and that your customers can trust that they are safe to consume. This can help to build a strong reputation for your business as a top-quality food supplier.