Cleaning the Manual Utensils

Utensils Cleaning

It can be a great help for staff to maintain Food safety if they have access to a utensil washer, as tools will be equally clean and sterilise every time they have been used.

Humans are by nature lazy and if one knows he shall use whatever tools again in an ½ hour, one will never make it super clean, just flush it a bit.

Wild Bacteria love lazy people, — But hate efficient cleaning

Create Washer

JEROS provides efficient cleaning of plastic crates, baskets, baking trays, utensils, pans, etc.

Thanks to their flexibility and the special JEROS system, the machines can be used in large and small businesses alike, as they will wash all sorts of different objects. Depending on what is needed,

Standard machines can be supplied with a capacity of 150-1500 crates an hour.