As-built drawing

As-built drawing is useful.

For you as owner, it’s essential to have a complete set of as-built drawing. from all involved suppliers.

An as-built drawing is a revised drawing made by a contractor after his construction work is finished.

The as-built drawings should contain any changes made from the initial drawings and it should include a mutual written agreement if there has been major changes under the construction work

 The complete set of as-built drawings shall provide an exact rendering of the entire project, such as the position of the road, supply line, drains, buildings and the installed equipment when the work is completed

 Since as-built drawings contain records of all installations, they are helpful if you as an owner decides to modify the building in the future, or if problems arise that you as the owner needs to troubleshoot upon completion.

The photo to the left is to illustrate the importance of as-built drawing

Mejeriet can provide you with the know-how to get all the drawings organised for later use.

Based on the ID numbers below. Mejeriet shall be pleased to quote you the equipment you need.

As-build documentation

31.01 As-built drawing for Milk Reception equipment & territory

31.02 As-built drawing for Pasteurising equipment & territory

31.03 As-built drawing for Silo & Buffer Tank equipment & territory

31.04 As-built drawing for Filling & Packing equipment & territory

31.05 As-built drawing for Process equipment & territory

31.06 As-built drawing for Butter making equipment & territory

31.07 As-built drawing for Ice cream equipment & territory

31.08 As-built drawing for Cheese making equipment & territory

31.09 As-built drawing for Filtration equipment & territory

31.10 As-built drawing for Milk powder equipment & territory