This electrically-heated Batch pasteuriser / Cheese vat belong to the essential type of equipment in a Small scale Dairy

With a Batch pasteuriser, you can do all the Dairy products you can dream of – Except for Homogenising

Touch screen controller with ten programs for driving thermal processes in manual or automatic mode. Allows the automatic execution of heating, cooling, pauses and maintenance cycles, programmable by the user.
– Fixed speed electric agitator (22 rpm).
– Discharge flapper valve
– Tilting device for easy, full discharge.
– Stainless steel lid with hinge and spring
– Heat exchanger
– Circulation pump + safety devices
– Wheels (option)

  • Options:
  • Cheese kit -Planetarium + Double Harp)
  • TEMPERATURE CHART RECORDER (circular type on 24 hours disk, inserted in the command board).
  • VARIABLE SPEED AGITATOR from 2 to 44 rpm through an electronic inverter.
  • SUPPORT FRAME that brings the discharge height to 65 cm from the floor.
  • PLATFORM + STAIRS to access the Batch pasteuriser from the top – Hight at one meter allowing  discharge of curd directly on press table
  • HOT WATER AUXILIARY INPUT allows the use of hot water generated externally by a steam boiler, solar plant, wood pellet boiler, etc…
  • “Z” STIRRER allows the mixing of the milk on machines endorsed with option /1, even with covers closed.
  • 115V or 230V SINGLE PHASE POWER SUPPLY (50Hz or 60Hz)
  • 380V THREE PHASE POWER SUPPLY (50Hz or 60Hz)
  • LARGER STIRRER (diam. 75% of vat, instead of standard stirrer)
  • WHEELS (n.4 s.s. pivoting wheels)
  • DN65 OUTFLOW AND DISCHARGE VALVE (instead of standard DN50)
  • DN80 OUTFLOW AND DISCHARGE VALVE (instead of standard DN65)
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