Bird's eye view -- Drawing

Bird’s eye view drawings purpose is to estimate the area of land, how to place the infrastructure and buildings.

Mejeriet shall be pleased to share our experience and tradition for highly efficient Dairy Plants with you, and thereby secure you a leading position as a top Dairy.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that free of charge, but if you send us a sketch where you has incorporated your ideas for buildings decor and location we will send you a suggestion, this will not cost you a fortune, but most likely save you a lot of annoyances.

The final drawings can be made locally and at a much lower price.

More complex buildings than the one to the left need involvement of several authorities,

Involving them on an early stage in the project is always a good idea. By experience we can tell you an early mistake is almost impossible to correct without involving a lot of money.

Don’t forget to involve Health Authorities in your plans. They are normally very helpful people and can contribute with a lot of useful informations.

Mejeriet can provide our experience and rules from our part of the world, but local regulations  should have the top priority.

Do you need experience -- Mejeriet can provide you with the knowhow to set up an efficient Dairy production.

Based on the ID numbers below. Mejeriet shall be pleased to quote you the equipment you need.

Lay-out suggestions

30.01– Draft for Milk Reception section

30.02 — Draft for Pasteurising section

30.03 — Draft for Silo & Buffer Tank section

30.04 — Draft for Filling & Packing section

30.05 — Draft for Process Equipment section

30.06 — Draft for Butter making section

30.07 — Draft for Ice cream & Soft ice section

30.08 — Draft for Cheesemaking section

30.09 — Draft for Filtration section

30.10 — Draft for Milk powder section