Component Documentation

Component documentation is a part of the CE marking

The Machinery sector is an important part of the Engineering Industry. The machinery consists of an assembly of components, of which at least one item moves, or is joined together for a specific application.

The drive system of machinery is defined as powered by energy other than human or animal effort.

Here are the Manufactures must, if he apply for CE marking

  • Carry out a risk assessment to identify which health and safety requirements apply to their machinery!
  • Keep the risk assessment in mind when designing and building their machinery!
  • Determine what limits there are on using the machinery!
  • Identify any possible hazards!
  • Assess the risk of their machinery causing severe injury or damage and take action to make their machinery safer!
  • Make sure that their machinery complies with the essential health and safety requirements listed in Annex I to the directive
  • Provide a technical document confirming that the machinery meets the directive’s requirements!

Your job

  • Make sure that the equipment you are buying is applying conformity assessment procedures and the manufacture are making all necessary information available, including instructions for assembly and use
  • Check that the manufacturer have filled in the EC declaration of conformity and that the CE conformity marking has been put on the machinery so that it can be used anywhere in the EU.