Leasing - Might be the solution

The concept of Lease is influenced by this philosophy.

  • A lessee is a person who have more good ideas than money
  • A lessor is a group or a person who has plenty of money but not the skills to make good yoghurt

The lessee is very good at making Yogurt but doesn’t have sufficient funds to buy the optimal production equipment.

The person contacts a Lessor group and presents them with the plans — there might be a backup statement from a local Supermarket that can tell the Lessor that the person makes the best yoghurt of all, and they will be willing to put this yoghurt on their shelf.

The Lessor Group can see that the person might be the right guy to deal with because good Food is always salable, and the person has a statement from the local Supermarket that allows putting the product on their shelves.

The next step can be a Leasing agreement where the person agrees to pay X amount of  money regularly, and the Lessor provides the equipment and the know-how supplied by Mejeriet

Why own a cow when the milk is so cheap? All you really need is milk and not the cow. — Donald B. Grant