Mejeriet believes that franchising can be the modern cooperative in the Dairy Industry.

A franchise can include.

  • We establish a fully operational dairy plant with all processing, maintenance and controlling routines through direct work instructions. 
  • These routines include the responsibilities and duties of each person attached to the Dairy.
  • Establish and conduct a management system for the Dairy in question, including product quality, control, cost efficiency and budgetary control.
  • We conduct marketing and distribution channels for the Dairy products.
  • We are assessing the training needs of the staff to achieve the stipulated production performance target concerning product quality and Dairy revenue.

Make no mistake

It’s hard work to make a franchise brand World famous, but it can be done. Mejeriet can support you with a lot of the basic thoughts — The questionnaire below is from our preliminary evaluation documents

  • Does the franchisor provide an initial business and product-training programme for you?
  • If so, how long, what exactly is the content and who pays for it?
  • Does the franchisor provide pre-launch advertising and promotions?
  • Will the franchisor provide a launch team to help you open, and if so, who pays?
  • Does the franchisor help select and train your staff?  Are there any restrictions on which you can employ?
  • Does the franchisor provide an operating manual that explains all aspects of running the business?
  • Who pays for the initial opening supplies?
  • What provision does the franchisor make for counselling and advice with operating problems? (Ask to meet the staff responsible for providing such a service.)
  • Does the franchisor provide regular post-opening training, if necessary?
  • Is there a system for inspecting a franchisee’s business operations?
  • How is quality control monitored both on franchisor supplies and franchisee operations?
  • What business systems are provided, such as book-keeping, stock control etc.?
  • Can the franchisor advise on appropriate professional help ­accountants, surveyors, lawyers etc.?
  • Is an initial supply of business stationery etc. included in the package?
  • Can the franchisor prove that his support systems really work?