Cooking vat - Direct heating with Gas

Heating media: Gas -This vat does not cool, only suitable for cheese and Ricotta – Capacity available from 30 litre to 470 litre

Cooking vat – Direct heated — Mejeriets ID: Unit 60.2 – 55 litre

With these cooking vats, you can heat the milk and produce cheese and

  • Heating up to 95 °C.
  • Note: these cooking vats do not cool.
  • Description:
    Kettle-on band support
  • Capacity: 55 lt
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Finishes suitable for food;


  • Band support;
  • Removable cover
  • “T” tube for fume exhaust
  • 11 KW Stainless steel atmospheric burner (gas), equipped with:
  • gas valve
  • pilot flame with safety against accidental switch off
  • piezoelectric button for igniting the pilot flame
  • thermal barrier for floor protection
    Dimensions  69x63x72 cm
    Weight: 22 kg


  • Stainless steel dip cooler – 2-4° C above cooling media