Multiflex Batch pasteuriser

Features of the Multiflex Dairy Unit

  • Economical because the Unit can operate on electricity and diesel so that you can make your Dairy products on the Mountainside.
  • Heats up to over 95 °C and cools down to 20-30 °C (depending on tap water temperature.
  • Cooling to lower temperatures requires an external chilled water generator.
  • Possibly making the thermal processes in any container (food-grade plastic, stainless steel, copper, wood, etc.)
  • There is a very high production rate, thanks to the possibility of working in sequence with any number of containers.
  • The type of processes can be different from container to container.
  • The electronic controller endorsed with the machine allows the set and recall of specific programs for every type of cheese or other Dairy processing.
  • Produce hot water over 95 °C, suitable for washing or sanitation laboratory equipment or stretched cheese production.
    Connecting the machine (in a closed loop) to a water tank (or ice bank) makes it possible to eliminate any water waste.
  • The pasteurising needs. Less than 2 KW of electricity and some diesel. The electricity can be replaced by manual labour in rural areas.  
  • No food-grade piping is necessary to connect to tap water or water reservoir.