Mejeriets suggestion for the most needed equipment to start a Cheese Production.

After an initial contact Mejeriet can guide you with regards to size and amount  of equipment  and the buildings lay-out

01.00 Milk reception — Nice to have, but not strictly needed

See why it’s nice to have  a Milk reception *

02.00 Multiflex Batch pasteuriser

Heating and cooling is the hearth in all Dairy processes

  • Heating up to 95° C
  • Cooling to 2-4 ° C above cooling media
  • Three PVC vat on wheels – 75 to 300 litre each – Maintaining the circle with heating and cooling

See the pasteurising terms *

03.00 Utilities for making milk into cheese

04.00 Test & control  equipment

  • pH meter *
  • Digital thermometer *
  • Standard thermometer
  • Test equipment for own control of cheese
  • Set of laboratory glassware
  • Chemicals for lab test
  • Quick test stickers (Waiting for supplier to answer)

05.00 Chemicals for cleaning

  • Alkaline detergent
  • Nitric detergent
  • P3 Mild Detergent
  • Disinfectant
  • Suitable measuring beakers for each type

07.00 Working dress

Join the Cheese world – It’s waiting for your contribution