Mejeriets proposal and a approximately budget for the most elementary equipment to start your own cheese Production.

After an initial contact Mejeriet can guide you with regards to size and amount  of equipment  and the buildings lay-out

 Milk reception – Mejeriet suggest

Refrigerated open  Farm tank – with tilt lid (available sizes in 01.00)


02.00 Multiflex Batch pasteuriser

Heating and cooling is the hearth in all Dairy processes

  • Heating up to 95° C
  • Cooling to 2-4 ° C above cooling media
  • Three PVC vat on wheels – 75 to 300 litre each – Maintaining the circle with heating and cooling

See the pasteurising terms *

03.00 Utilities for making milk into cheese

04.00 Test & control  equipment

  • pH meter *
  • Digital thermometer *
  • Standard thermometer
  • Test equipment for own control of the cheese process
  • Set of laboratory glassware
  • Chemicals for lab test
  • Quick test stickers

05.00 Chemicals for cleaning

  • Alkaline detergent
  • Nitric detergent
  • P3 Mild Detergent
  • Disinfectant
  • Suitable measuring beakers for each type

07.00 Working dress

Join the Cheese world – It’s waiting for your contribution