The group behind Mejeriet has for quite some time felt like the sculpture “Men at see” Bored but full of wisdom and looking for new enterprises

Facts in short about Mejeriet
  1. Mejeriet employs practical individuals focusing on getting things done efficiently and with a minimum of meeting hours.
  2. Small and medium projects: Mejeriet offers affordable know-how and equipment for small-scale dairy farming projects.
  3. Low logistic costs: Mejeriet has low logistic costs, meaning they can offer the right equipment at the right price.
  4. EU certification: All equipment sold or recommended by Mejeriet has EU certification, ensuring quality and safety standards.
  5. Mejeriet does not get involved in feasibility studies and does not convey second-hand equipment.
  6. Mejeriet staff are courteous but can be stubborn because we know what we are talking about when it comes to leveraging lifelong knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.
  7. Innovative solutions: Mejeriet promises innovative solutions that will change how our clients operate in the dairy farming industry.
  •  With generations of experience in the Danish dairy industry, Mejeriet can provide expert advice and guidance to ensure your project is successful.
  • From planning and design to herd management and milk production, Mejeriet can offer a comprehensive overview of your dairy project, helping you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.
  •  Don’t feel overwhelmed by conflicting advice. Trust Mejeriet for a clear and concise birds-eye view of your dairy project.
  • So why wait? Contact Mejeriet now and get the expert guidance you need for a successful dairy project!

Start to give us some basic info. – Shall it be a horse or a lion?

Then the details, like

  • Type and quantum of milk
  • Product mix?
  • Technology choice – Handcraft / High-tec?
  • Are dairy skills available?
  • Fresh water?
  • Type of energy?
  • Wastewater treatment?
  • Is finance available for the project?

Experienced professionals are worth visiting

Mejeriet work with them  – Imaging how many contacts we have after 5×45 years in the in the International dairy business.

Retired company owner with skills in Administration and Manufacturing

  • If you need someone with experience in administration, financing, and manufacturing for the dairy, pharmaceutical, bakery, or chocolate industries, look no further than this retired company owner.
  • With skills in manufacturing new equipment, servicing and extending existing plants, and creating unique solutions for these industries, this individual has the expertise to take your business to the next level.
  • Additionally, with experience in international export and installation to various regions, including the EU, Africa, and the Middle East, Mejeriet can help you expand your reach and increase your profitability.
  • Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – contact Mejeriet today to discuss how they can help your business grow and succeed!

Retired Dairy Engineer with international relations.

  • Are you looking for a retired dairy engineer who can help you with your small-scale processing and signature products? Look no further!
  • With years of experience in the dairy industry, this individual has the skills and expertise to help you create the exact taste and flavour you want for your cheese and other dairy products.
  • They can also provide knowledge on how to make all types of dairy products and how to list and control daily control points as required by health authorities. And, perhaps most importantly, they can show you how to keep production rooms and utensils clean to ensure the safety and quality of your products.
  • With international relations and passion for transferring knowledge to new projects, Mejeriet can help take your dairy business to the next level.
  • Contact Mejeriet today to learn more!

 Retired Project & Service Manager in the Food processing industry.


  • A lot of expertise in spare parts for existing dairies and food processing plants and rebuilding or extending existing plants. He is also knowledgeable in creating detailed plant layouts and producing drawings in both 2D and 3D formats as per the demands of clients.
  • Experience in building brewery, juice, and water plants and manufacturing stainless steel equipment for the non-dairy-related food industry. Knowledge in these areas can be invaluable to companies seeking to improve their operations or expand their capabilities.
  • Expertise in the food processing industry can also extend to quality control, safety regulations, and environmental concerns – experience working with regulatory agencies to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and other industry standards.
  • Conclusion, Mejeriets experience in the food processing industry provides a valuable resource for companies looking to improve or expand their operations. Our knowledge can be a crucial asset in helping clients achieve the

A nearly retired partner, Technical Manager in  the agricultural sector.

  • Having extensive experience in dairy farm projects across the globe. Through your work, you have built a vast network of contacts and developed an in-depth understanding of the solutions farmers are using outside of Scandinavia.
  • The knowledge and experience in milk and milking equipment can make a valuable asset to the industry. You are well-versed in almost any type of milking animal and can provide expertise on a wide range of equipment and systems related to milking, such as buffer tanks, ice-water cooling, and heat recovery systems from the cooling unit.
  • Understanding the agricultural sector also extends beyond dairy farming. This knowledge can be invaluable to companies seeking to improve their operations or develop new products. Mejeriet has a partner with experience in Small-scale dairy farming, livestock and crops, and the machinery and equipment used in agriculture.
  • In addition to technical expertise, Mejeriet has experience in project management, budgeting, and scheduling, has worked with regulatory agencies, and knows compliance requirements for the agricultural sector.
  • Conclusion, your experience in the agricultural sector provides a valuable resource for companies looking to improve their operations or develop new products. Our knowledge can be a crucial asset in helping clients achieve their goals.