The group behind Mejeriet has for quite some time felt like the sculpture “Men at see” Bored but full of wisdom and looking for new enterprises

Svend looking for new enterprises
Facts in short about Mejeriet

Mejeriets staff are practical people who get things done.

  • The focus is on small and medium projects where Mejeriet can offer cheaper know-how and equipment than an international concern
  • Mejeriet has non logistic cost, therefore the right equipment at the right price
  • All equipment sold or recommended by Mejeriet  has EU Certification
  • Mejeriet will not be involved in Feasibility Studies, and we will not convey second-hand equipment.
  • We are polite but stubborn because we know our Business. — On the other hand, we are all married and used to be humble and accepting that not everything goes our way.
  • That’s why we dare to promise that everything will be like it never was before

Do you need a sharp gaze on your project.- Mejeriet has the know-how to set up an efficient Dairy production.

Start to give us a clear and simple business plan, like!

  • Product mix and capacity?
  • Technology choice – Handcraft / High-tec?
  • Are milk handling knowledge available?
  • Type of  milk?
  • Clean water?
  • Energy?
  • Dairy wastewater treatment?
  • Buildings layout and basic engineering?
  • Finance available for the project?

 Are you unsure? It would help if you had Mejeriet’s involvement from commencement.

Experienced man are worth to visit

Mejeriet has four of them  – Imaging how many contacts we have after 4×45 years in the branch

Retired company owner with skills in Administration and Financing as well  as.

  • Manufacturing new equipment for the Dairy industry as well as service and extension of existing plants
  • Manufacture unique solutions for the Dairy and Pharmaceutical industries
  • Manufacture unique solutions for the Bakery and Chocolate industry
  • International experience with export and installation to EU, Africa and the Middle East

Retired Dairy Engineer with international relations. Always ready to transfer know-how to new projects.

  • Unique solution for small scale processing and signature products.
  • Cheesemaking with skills to create exact that specific taste and flavour present in your area
  • Knowledge for making all type of Dairy products
  • How to make the daily control points to be listed and controlled by health authorities
  • Most important: How to keep production rooms and utensils clean

Retired Project & Service Manager related to the Food processing industry

  • Spare parts for existing Dairies & Food processing plants, rebuilding or extension of existing plants.
  • Detailed plant lay out – Drawings in 2D or 3D on demand
  • Brewery, Juice and  water plants
  • Stainless steel equipment for non-dairy related food industry

Nearly retired Technical Manager from the Agricultural Sector.

  • Has been involved in Dairy farm projects all over Europa and got many contacts and, of course, knowledge of what solutions Farmers are using outside Scandinavia
  • Have experience with milk and milking equipment for almost any type of milking animal.
  • This Includes Buffer tanks, ice-water cooling and heat recovery systems from the cooling unit.