Consume milk production gives a faster cash-flow than cheese production

Consider your product mix from your Dairy’s location. Are you close to a town start with Consume milk

Fresh milk, strawberry, blueberry and banana drinks on wooden ta
Combinations are endless
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Made from Yoghurt naturel and fruit mix
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Here are some basic processing tools listed up

  1. Three different sizes Multiflex Batch pasteurisers
  2. Nine different sizes Electric heated Batch Pasteuriser – With cooling
  3. Two different sizes Electric heated Micro Pasteuriser – No cooling
  4. Seven Different sizes Cooking vats — Gas heated – Direct fire
  5. Nine different sizes Gas operated Batch pasteurisers – With Water bath heating/cooling  (called a bain-marie).
  6. Homogenisers in the Capacity you want. (Heavy investment)
  7. Open, Manuel operated Separator — 240 lt./h.
  8. Closed, manually cleaned Separator – From 500 lt./h
  9. Stainless steel working table
  10. Stainless steel Drainage table for soft Cheese processing
  11. Stainless steel vertical Cheese press for hard Cheese processing
  12. Round or square PVC vat on wheels or Stationary on a frame. – (Countless uses in a Dairy)
  13. 15 Centrifugal pumps – 19 Different capacities – Some are Self-priming
  14. 12  Special pumps – Each can handle various Dairy products – From curd to butter.
  15. Colour coded cleaning tools for Dairy processing – Don’t neglect. A production brush must never enter the toilet area. – Or visa versa

Click on the pictures and get more detailed informations

Multifllex Batch Unit
Electric heated Batch Unit
Working principle of a Separator
Bottle & Cup Filler
El- Mixer and Blender
Milk analyser

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