Mejeriet is the Scandinavian agent for the Italian manufacture of small-scale cheese production equipment – InventAgri.

 If you’re interested in starting cheese production, they offer a range of equipment options to suit your needs.


Here is a list of essential equipment needed to start cheese production. You have to mail us your milk data and the type of cheese you want to make, and, Mejeriet will forward you an approximate budget estimate within 24 hours.

  1. Milk Processing Equipment – If you are processing your milk, you will need a refrigerated raw milk tank and some lab equipment for control. Mejeriets offers a range of milk processing equipment starting at approximately
  2. Cheese Vat – Batch Pasteuriser. – A cheese vat is where milk is heated and cheese curds are treated. Mejeriets offers a range of cheese vats starting at approximately
  3. Cheese harp – A cheese harp cuts the coagel into the desired shape and size. Mejeriets offers a range of cheese harps, starting at approximately
  4. Cheese Moulds – Cheese moulds form the shape of the cheese. Mejeriets provides a range of cheese moulds starting at approximately
  5. Drain / Working table for cheese moulds, starting at approximately
  6. Cheese Press – A cheese press compact the cheese curd. Mejeriets offers a range of cheese presses starting at approximately
  7. Cheese handling and Maturation Equipment includes storage racks, trolleys, temperature and humidity control equipment, and other items to help the cheese mature correctly. Mejeriets offers a range of cheese maturation equipment starting at approximate
  8. Dairy utilities, in general, enable you to perform quality control on every step of the cheese process and keep the area ultra clean, starting at approximately

The total cost of this essential equipment could range from approximately xxxxx depending on the specific equipment and quantities you purchase. This is just an estimate; additional charges such as shipping, installation, and training may apply.