Cleaning is everything

Mejeriet does not sell consumable detergent products or have access to real-time stock information. However, Mejeriet provides general information about detergents and sanitising utilities commonly used in dairy processing facilities.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a detergent for a dairy:

  1. Look for a detergent specifically labelled safe for dairy processing facilities.
  2. Choose a detergent strong enough to remove soil and organic matter but gentle enough not to damage equipment.
  3. Consider the type of dairy equipment you need to clean. Some detergents are better suited for cleaning specific types of equipment, such as milk tanks, pipelines, and milk processing equipment.
  4. Check with local regulations and standards to ensure the detergent you choose meets all requirements for use in a dairy processing facility.

Common detergents used in dairy processing facilities include alkaline, acid, and H2O2 sanitisers.

It is essential to follow manufacturer instructions carefully and ensure the detergent is thoroughly rinsed from equipment surfaces before they come into contact with milk or other dairy products.