With a Batch pasteuriser and cold water you can make all the basic Dairy products

Mejeriet shall be pleased to supply the ingredients, which in this case are some hardware, some know-how and a lot of enthusiasm

Features for Batch pasteuriser unit.

  • Touch screen controller with ten programs for driving thermal processes in manual or automatic mode.
  • Allows the automatic execution of heating, cooling, pauses and maintenance cycles, programmable by the user.
  • Fixed speed electric agitator (22 rpm).
  • Discharge flapper valve
  •  Tilting device for easy, full discharge.
  •  Stainless steel lid with hinge and spring
    Heat exchanger
  • Circulation pump + safety devices
  • Wheels (option)


  • Cheese kit -Planetarium + Double Harp)
  • Temperature chart recorder (circular type on 24 hours disk, inserted in the command board).
  • Variable speed agitator from 2 to 44 rpm through an electronic inverter.
  • Support frame that brings the discharge height to 65 cm from the floor.
  • Platform and stairs to access the Batch pasteuriser from the top – Hight at one meter, allowing  discharge of curd directly on the press table
  • Hot water auxiliary input allows hot water to be generated externally by a steam boiler, solar plant, wood pellet boiler, etc…
  • “Z” Stirrer allows mixing milk on machines endorsed with option /1, even with covers closed.
  • 115V or 230V Singel phase (50Hz or 60Hz)
  • 380V Three phaase (50Hz or 60Hz)
  • Larger stirrer R (diam. 75% of vat, instead of standard stirrer)
  • Wheels (n.4 s.s. pivoting wheels)
  • DN65 Outlet valve (instead of standard DN50)
  • DN80 Outlet valve (instead of standard DN65)

Technical details & Data sheet for above unit.

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