For a relatively small amount of money, you can start your own Dairy

Compared to traditional Dairy plants, investment go down by 60 (sixty)%

Further more the Multiflex Batch pasteuriser saves up to 70% of the time compared to  a standard Batch pasteurised because of the following.

  • When the milk has undergone the correct temperature treatment and coagulation or fermenting takes place, exchange the vat with the next portion of milk
  • You can repeat the process up to three times during a standard Batch cycle
  • This innovative system allows working different quantitative of milk and whey in sequence, eliminating the dead times of coagulation,
  • Regarding traditional plants, the plant investments go down by 60%, and the man work is reduced by 80%.
  • The taste quality and the sanitary of the products are constant even with different acidity of the departure milk.
  • Non-viscosity liquids can be heated/cooled at up to 6 °C per minute.
  • The heating or cooling processes occur after your choice, manual or automatic.
  • The temperature control takes place by a PLC +Touch Screen that allows to set up and recall of specific programs for every cheese or food typology.
  • The Touch Screen endowed with the machine records all the thermal processes done.
  • The recorded data can be displayed on the Touch Screen in graphic or table format and saved on a USB storage key for further PC elaborations.
  • You can produce Ricotta without direct steam injection.
  • Virtually no wastewater
  • Immediately thermal response.
  • Possibility of making the thermal processes in any container ( plastic, stainless steel, wood, etc. )
  • Heating/cooling on milk, whey or foods without quantitative limits are suitable to work in sequence.
  • Heating/cooling program adjustable from container to container
  • Optional on demand: other mixers for the curd, connected to the lower part of the agitator
  • Disinfection of the working utilities using hot water production.
  • Auto disinfection of the Radial Dynamic heat exchanger
International Patents: Unites States Patent Nr. US005916352 European Patent Nr. EP0774895

Features of the Multiflex Batch pasteuriser

  • Economical because the Unit can operate on both electricity and diesel so that you can make your Dairy products on the Mountainside.
  • Heats up to over 95 °C and cools down to 20-30 °C (depending on tap water temperature). –
  • Cooling to lower temperatures requires an external chilled water generator.
  • Possibly making the thermal processes in any container (food-grade plastic, stainless steel, copper, wood, etc.)
  • There is a very high production rate, thanks to the possibility of working in sequence with any number of containers.
  • The type of processes can be different from container to container.
  • The electronic controller endorsed with the machine allows the set and recall of specific programs for every type of cheese or other Dairy processing.
  • Produce hot water over 95 °C, suitable for washing or sanitation laboratory equipment or stretched cheese production.
    Connecting the machine (in a closed loop) to a water tank (or ice bank) makes it possible to eliminate any water waste.
  • The pasteurising needs. Less than 2 KW of electricity and some diesel, or Gas –  The electricity can be replaced by manual labour if you live in rural areas.  
  • No food-grade piping is necessary to connect to tap water or water reservoir.

Technical details for Multiflex Batch pasteuriser

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