Dairy Farming with a different approach

Advantages of Small scale Dairy farming

  • You can make more money and don’t need to push your animals or the environment to the limits.
  • Environmentally conscious Dairy consumers can buy local produced food, often with a touch of Terre Noire quality.
  • They trust you and your care for the environment and the animals.
  • It’s good for you, and better for all of us.


Corporation is, as always, the way forward

  • Mejeriet can be your facilitator, supplying Small scale Dairy equipment and know-how
  • If wanted, supported by Hands-on training of Dairy farmers and Dairy workers
  • Involve local Shops and other facilities makes the project stronger
  • Your best sales manger is to make  products with an extraordinary refined taste and high food safety.


  • Mass amounts of milk don’t make the Dairy product tastier.
  • Minimum transport and handling is the first step in improving the milk quality and the environment.
  • Short distances to your consumer and more flexibility in packing or wrappings are also suitable for the environment.
  • Pasteurisation at a lower temperature save energy and preserves the full flavour of your milk product.
  • You can develop your signature products, and be sure, consumers will go the extra mile to buy.
  • Mejeriet is right behind you with all the know-how and practical experience you may need.

Mejeriet is the proud Sales organisation on the Nordic market for the Italian company -- InventAgri -- which makes Small scale, but sophisticated Dairy & Food processing Units.