The purpose for Milk Reception

Milk Reception is the step in the trade with milk where responsibility for the raw milk goes from the milk producer to the milk dealer.

The registration of delivered milk, the temperature and samples for quality control occur here. 

At least once a week, samples of raw milk should be taken to a laboratory test and checked for the following:

  • Somatic cell count
  • Bacteria count
  • Protein and Fat content

The milk dealer will pay the milk producer for his milk based on these test results.

Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook
Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook

When raw milk is accepted, make sure the temperature is below +4° C.  When the milk is kept below this temperature, there is practically no deterioration of the bacteriological condition of the milk.

The raw milk can be kept in a Silo tank, or if the quantity is limited in a Farm Cooling tank.

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