Ice Cream & Soft Ice Mix

Italians claim that we can thank Marco Polo for bringing the recipe for ice Cream from China to Italy when he returned from his journey.

Ice Cream is a highly appreciated dessert for many, special among younger people, here comes some main categories.

  • Dessert ice cream– Fat content 15%
  • Ice cream – Fat content 10%
  • Milk Ice – Fat content 4%
  • Sherbet Ice – Fat content 2%
  • Water Ice – Fat content 0%

Consider your dairy plant should have sufficient space for a cool and dry room to store all the dry ingredients for ice cream making, like whey protein, stabilizers, emulsifiers, cocoa powder, sugar and milk powder, as well as Liquid products like milk, cream etc.

The freezing store should have the capacity to freeze below -25° C

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