There is a reason why you need a refrigeration plant in your Dairy

After pasteurising, the milk needs cooling to a precise process temperature. In a Batch pasteuriser, this can take place using tap water or ice water at 1,5 ° C as cooling media

Mejeriet prefer Ice water with a temperature of around +1-2° C – No risk of freezing

An Ice water unit can consist of

  • Compressor – Free choice of refrigerant.
  • Evaporator —  A water tank with many meters of tubes folded closely in the water were 25 to 35mm of ice is building upon the line, keeping the water at 1½° C
  • Condenser with a fan to remove accumulated heat from the water
  • Pump to circulate the ice water to where is needed.
  • Consider alarm system  – You can’t do Business without cooling.
Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook

Cold stores

When milk products is in the package, it’s  essential for the self life to keep the temperature as low as possible, but above 0° C . 

Consider the following for your Cold store.

  • The level of control in the Cold Store
  • Make sure there is a drain — For cleaning & outlet of condensate.
  • Make sure it can Auto-defrost
  • Back-up for both Cooling & Monitoring
  • Recording probes should be independent of control probes
  • Calibration of Recording/Monitoring should be done regularly.
  • Type of alarm systems.

Refrigeration systems play such a big role in the Dairy process, that Mejeriet only deals with companies that have the license to handle the system.

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