If you need Pasteurising equipment - Mejeriet will choose and supply the best overall solution for you.

Mejeriet supply and install all types of Pasteurising equipment — Specific chosen or built for the job you have in mind

Batch pasteurising – Well suited for the exclusive personal production form

Continuously pasteurising – More economical for larger quantities of milk

Batch production has advantages for Small scale producers

Multiflex Batch pasteurising unit is the ultimate flagship when it comes to making delicious Dairy products on a smaller scale.

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In ancient times, man learned that one way to warm up liquids was to heat a stone in the bonfire and then put it inside a basket with liquid.

Based on this natural law, which is still valid. Mejeriets supplier – InventAgri – has modernised, patented, and produced what they name “Poly Dairy Unit”, reflecting the principle mentioned above.

The milk in a container can be heated – or cooled – by immersing a thermal exchanger directly into any container suitable for food processing. It could be wood, plastic, stainless steel, copper, etc.

The Poly Food / Dairy unit is a versatile heating/cooling unit with more functions than a Swiss Army knife – Flexible power choice as well.

Here you can Cool the milk, Pasteurise & Store the milk. Make Yogurt, Cheese, Sour milk, Reconstitute milk powder, etc.

The only disadvantage is you can’t Homogenise the milk; it means the product you make will be more authentic to our essential diet.

Batch pasteurised product will remain more taste due to gentle treatment
Good Cheese is slow food when its best

Standard Pasteurising Unit from Mejeriets Quotation library — Pretty much the same components cover from 500 to 30.000 lt/h — Price is different


A flow pasteurising Unit contains almost same components as listed below

02.01 — Milk pump – Pumping from raw milk tank in the reception to Balance Tank on Pasteuriser.

02.02 — Frequency converter for milk pump 02.01

02.03 — Balance tank — 150 ltr. — Electronic level control.

02.04 — Milk pump — Serving the Pasteuriser — Upstream

02.05 — Frequency converter for milk pump 02.04

02.06 — Plate Heat Exchanger — Min. 90% heat regeneration — Max. past temperature 90° C

02.07 — Set of Temperature Transmitters — Registering the flow temperature, both Upstream & Downstream, in the Pasteuriser

02.08 — Flow-diversion valve — Returning milk to Balance tank if the Pasteurising temperature doesn’t reach the set point.

02.09 — Soldered PHE for Steam/Water — Maintaining the Pasteurising temperature by circulating hot water.

02.10 — Centrifugal pump for hot water circulation during Pasteurising

02.11 — Set of Steam regulating equipment.

02.12 — Booster pump — Maintaining higher pressure on Downstream than Upstream

02.13 — Frequency converter for 02.12

02.14 — Set of Automatic valves, controlling all the flow of Sterilising — Pasteurising — Outlet temperature

02.15 — Stainless steel MCC with Display & PLC Units- Controlling all Setpoints and recording any diversions from Setpoints.

02.16 — Holding tube — 20 Seconds — Ensure all Pathogenic Bacteria in the milk get killed during the Pasteurisation.

02.17 — Holding tube –180 Seconds — Tube are coiled in a tank, standing next to the Unit — If you want a different holding time, remember to let us know.

02.18 — Self-Cleaning Separator — Standing next to Pasteuriser Unit — Have its own MCC — Working together with Pasteuriser

02.19 — Standardiser for Consume milk

02.20 — Homogeniser — Standing next to Pasteuriser Unit — Have its own MCC — Working together with Separator & Pasteuriser.

02.21 — Stainless steel frame where all Components, except self-contained, are internally connected and ready for final installation.

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