Do you need equipment for Butter and Dairy spreads -- Mejeriet can supply you with the right size and type for your needs.

Mejeriet can supply and install all types of Butter making lines. — Bigger capacities we let a specialised company take over — But we have the know-how

A few important questions

Are you rookie or an experienced Dairy man –This is important for Mejeriet to know because of the Technology transfer

How much cream at 40% fat  is available for butter? – What packaging size you prefer?

Most common Butter Equipment

06.01 Butter Churn

06.02 Continuously Butter making machine

06.03 Butter Silo

06.04 Butter Homogeniser/Kneader

06.05 Butter cutting

06.06 Grid melter

06.10 Packaging in Parchment paper or Aluminium foil

06.11 Packing in Plastic Cup

06.12 Packaging in Bulk Cartons

06.20 Auxiliary equipment for servicing the Butter production


There are quite some options for the use of butter equipment to make other types of dairy spreadable.