If you want to make Ice cream -- Mejeriet can provide you with the technology, and the Tailor-made equipment to match

Mejeriet can supply and install a small capacity of Ice cream lines. — Big scale capacities we have an agreement with a specialised company  — But we have the know-how to make Ice cream and Soft ice mix

A few important questions

Are you rookie or an experienced Dairy man –This is important for Mejeriet to know because of the Technology transfer

How much of your milk and cream you want to convert to ice cream? – What size of Cups? – Minimum -25° C freezing room should be available.

Basic Ice cream Equipment – Note under each no. there might be 50 different models and Capacities


07.00 Batch Freezer

07.01 Continuously Freezer

07.02 Filling

07.03 Extrusion

07.04 Moulding

07.05 Wrapping

07.06 End of the line equipment

07.15 Auxiliary equipment, servicing this production line

Process tank like the one to the right can be equipped with different type of agitators