Do you need equipment for drying -- Mejeriet can guide you with regards to equipment, but to be honest - It's expensive

A few important questions

Are you a rookie or an experienced Dairyman –This is important for Mejeriet to know because of the Technology transfer

If you want to dry something it should really have high value after drying and be sold for something special. — Spray drying are normally done by companies like Arla Foods — With a Freeze Drying plant can Mejeriet supply both know-how and equipment

Utility for Spray or Freeze Drying

Two different systems

10.00 — Equipment for pre-treatment of milk — Dry-matter goes from 10% to 45-55% before feeding the Atomizer or the Freeze trays. This can take place in a falling film evaporator, or a UF Unit.

10.01– Spray tower with an Atomizer in the top leaves the milk in very fine droplets — Meeting hot on the way down, this evaporate  the moister from the fine droplets — Now it’s powder.

10.02 — Freeze-drying is a different approach as the product is solidly frozen while it’s drying under high vacuum

10.03 — Final drying & Instantising so powder is easy to dissolve, can take place in a Fluid-bed as well as other systems, please ask.

10.04 — Packaging equipment for powder.


Both systems are expensive to purchase and operate