Do you need to update your Pasteurising equipment -- Mejeriet have enormous practical experience on how to update equipment

A few important questions

Are you a rookie or an experienced Dairyman –This is important for Mejeriet to know because of the Technology transfer

How much of your milk you want to pasteurise at 75° C – 85° C –  92° C — Holding time –  15 sec. 180 sec. – 360 sec. Please tell  the reason for the holding time.

Different types of Flow Pasteuriser

11.01– Plate Heat Exchanger — Set-up for low viscosity product with no lumps

11.02 — Plate Heat Exchanger — Set-up for Heavy viscosity like Cream and Fruit pulp — No lumps.

11.03 — Multi Tubular Heat Exchanger — Suitable for very high temperature and high pressure, e.g. UHT plants.

11.04 — Mono Tube Heat Exchanger — Suitable for high temperature and high pressure — Lumps up to pipe diameter can pass.

11.05 — Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger — Suitable for sticky anf lumpy liquids, e.g many of the desserts your Dairy can make.

11.06 — Shrouded spiral holding tube. — Suitable if any of your heated products need prolonged holding time at a certain temperature.