If you need Special pumps components or Units - Mejeriet will choose and supply the best overall solutions

Mejeriet supply and install all types of Pumping components or Units — Specific chosen or built for the job you have in mind

Mejeriet like to know: What shall the pump make flowing? – Lifting height? – Capacity – Connection size?

Milk products often need more gentle treatment after processing

I will mention only the most unique pumps on this page.

40.01- Positive Displacement pump — Best for viscous products

40.02 – Excentric screw-pump – Must operate in liquid all the time. A few seconds of dry run is enough to spoil the stator

40.03 – Diaphragm pump — Gentle, e.g. Cheese curd — Air operated

40.04 – Peristaltic pump – Gentle & precise — Often used for dosing in Laboratories or where extreme accuracy is needed.

If you have special requirements, contact  Mejeriet and ask for advice…

Not to forget all the Service pump in a Dairy

Groundwater Intake

50.01 – Capsuled submersible pump for Desalination — Filtration — Water treatment

Demand driven distribution

50.05 -Demand Driven Distribution is intelligent pressure management throughout a distribution network, e.g. Fresh water– Ice water etc.

Submersible drainage pumps

50.10 – Commercial wastewater

50.15 – Domestic wastewater

50.20 – Mine dewatering

50.25 – Wastewater transport

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