If you need Homogenising components or Units - Mejeriet will choose and supply the best overall solution.

Mejeriet supply and install all types of Homogenising components or Units — Specific chosen or built for the job you have in mind

What pressure do you need?  250 bar or can 150 bar cover your demand — Capacity per hour — 1. stage or 2 stage pressure regulator.

To keep it simple

15.01 — Single-stage Homogeniser with manual pressure settings.

15.02 — Two-stage Homogeniser with Automatic pressure settings. — The Illustration to the right show a two-stage homogeniser head.

Mejeriet will like to know the Homogenisers place in the production line and the task it shall perform.  A good Homogeniser is a long-lasting investment (+30 years).

All capacities and almost any pressure are available and we will love to share our knowledge with you

Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook -- 2. stage Homogeniser head

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