If you need Separating components or Units - Mejeriet will choose and supply the best overall solution.

Mejeriet supply and install all types of Separating components or Units — Specific chosen or built for the job you have in mind

What capacity? – What type of milk or  liquid ? – Self cleaning or Manual cleaned?

Separators are available in capacities from 100 lt/h – To 40.000 lt/h — Please send Mejeriet a mail specifying  your need and you will shortly after receive a budget quotation with the right quality Separator for the task.

16.00 – Manual cleaned Separators. Capacity starting at 100 Lt/h.

16.10 – Self-cleaning Separators. Capacity starting at  2.000 Lt/h

16.20 — Milk Standardiser is an electronic add-on device there can re-mix cream & skim milk to standardise the fat content in the processed milk.

Separators are used in many industries for solids ejection of unwanted sediments in the liquid, in milk, it can be hair, dead cells, dust, etc.

Alternative to Separator - Illustration from Alfa Laval Dairy Handbook