If you need Mixing and Blending components or Units - Mejeriet will choose and supply the best overall solution

Mejeriet supply and install all types of Mixing and Blending components or Units — Specific chosen or built for the job you have in mind

What shall be your main product? – What quantity? – What packing? – Natural or mixed with fruit?

Process tanks, Mixing & Blending can melt together in one Unit

17.01 — Tank with triple wall for heating & cooling — Heavy duty agitator — Anchor type. — Can handle high viscose liquid

17.02 Fermenting tank with an Jet stream mixer — Triple walled for Heating/Cooling — Cone bottom

17.03 High Shear Mixer — Agitator wheel with half cup openings placed in the bottom of a square tank — High speed – Very efficient.

17.04 High Shear continuous mixer pump

17.05 Static Mixer pipe — Placed on the feeding line to the filler — Metric Fruit pump & Yoghurt feed pump work synchronously.

17.06 Reconstituted milk — High shear pump under a funnel circulating water over a tank until sufficient dry matter is achieved.

Result of Mixing & Blending