Mejeriet knows about Steam boilers -- And we like to share our knowledge

An important question

Are you a rookie or an experienced Dairyman –This is important for Mejeriet to know because of the Technology transfer

It might be a good idea to take contact Mejeriet and let them guide you if you don’t have experience with boilers

Mejeriet have only 3 options on this page — Electric, Light oil & Alternative.

21.01 — Electric Boiler — Capacity from 5 to 270 Kg/h — Pressure from 2,8 bar to 8,5 bar — Power consumption from 3 kW up to 180 kW

21.22 — Light oil fired Boiler — Capacity from 300 to 5.000 Kg/h — Pressure from 5 bar to 15 bar. Consumption to be confirmed in Quotation

21.23 — Alternative heating media, e.g. Gas