In Dairy processing, cleaning is a severe job -- Every day

CIP — Cleaning in place — Standard programs.


  • Wets the interior surface of the lines and tanks
  • Removes most of the remaining residue
  • Dissolves sugars and partially melts fats
  • Provides a non-chemical pressure test of the CIP flow path

Alkali wash cycle

  • The detergent media used in alkali wash cycle has a very high pH. The concentration in the circulated detergent is under normal circumstances 1-2% but can go up to 3-4% if heavily soiled surfaces
  • Alkali is the leading detergent in most CIP wash cycles.
  • In many cases, the caustic wash can be returned to its tank and reused multiple times, significantly reducing water, chemical, and energy costs.

Intermediate wash cycle

  • Freshwater flushes out residual traces of detergent remaining from the caustic wash
  • Conductivity Transmitters ensure chemical levels are hitting a predetermined set point.

Final rinse

  • Rinse with well water to flush residual cleaning agents.
  • The final rinse water may be recovered and reused as the pre-rinse solution for the next cleaning cycle in many systems.


Preferably hydrogen peroxide or nitric acid (The authors personal choice)

  • It is a strong disinfectant even at low temperatures.
  • Rinses away any leftover from detergent while leaving little or no chlorine residue to corrode stainless steel.
  • If done correctly, it kills microorganisms, including spoilage organisms, pathogens and bacterial spores.
  • It has also proven to be more eco-friendly in the wastewater stream.

Make sure that instrumentation is in good shape on your CIP Unit.

  • Level Transmitters and Probes monitor tank levels of wash and rinse tanks.
  • Flow Transmitters ensure optimum flow for spray devices to, e.g. tank
  • Conductivity Transmitters ensure chemical levels are hitting a predetermined set point.
CIP can be done everywhere

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