Avoid cross termination -- Use colour coded tools in your production

For sure, it’s a good idea to take contact Mejeriet and let them guide you if you don’t have experience with colour coding.

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. –That’s the life of a Dairyman.

When most people consider you hysterical with cleaning and handwashing, you are on the right track.

Cross termination is one of the most common reasons for spoiled Dairy products, and funny enough, it’s one of the most straightforward falls to avoid; just follow some simple rules.

  • Change dress and footwear before entering the production areas
  • The restroom must be accessible from the outside.
  • Always colour coded utility tools in the production and service areas
  • Only authorised personnel a production area.
  • Service personnel must wear the Dairy’s dress and footwear.
  • Production must stop if service personnel work in several teams, and disinfection is re-done after finishing service.
An utility from the rest room should never be seen in a production area

Sorry to say that, but you cannot maintain high hygienic standards with rubbish cleaning utensils.

Mejeriet knows very well that quality tools cost more money, but believe us, it costs ten times more not to have your Bacteria flora under control.

Your productions area don’t have to smell of roses, but it’s a fact that with a bit of experience, you can decide if a production area smells clean.

In a production team with high-value products, you should consider separate entrances and restrooms isolated from the other production teams.

One more time

You can’t maintain a high quality and safety standard in food production if teams suffer from poor cleaning utensils.

 Start with a minimum of five of the recommended utensils, each one in a different colour

24.01 — Scoop — 2 ltr. – White / Blue / Yellow / Green / Red

24.02 — Bucket with lid — 12 ltr. – White / Blue / Yellow / Green / Red

24.03 — Soft Brush with a short handle for general cleaning, e.g., outside the machinery or on non-sticking curd – White / Blue / Yellow / Green / Red

24.05 — Stiff Brush with a short handle for removal of dried-on remaining. – White / Blue / Yellow / Green / Red

24.06 — Deck scrub – White / Blue / Yellow / Green / Red

24.07 – Wall-brushes – White / Blue / Yellow / Green / Red

24.08 — Long Handle for Wall-brushes and Deck scrub – White / Blue / Yellow / Green / Red

If you visit www.Vikan.com you will be surprised so much utility tool available for your Dairy production. — Ask Mejeriet for advice.