Consume milk has one significant advantage -- There are short-time storing.

Consume milk products

The category Market or Consume Milk is a handful of milk products meant to be used directly by consumers in a relatively short time after pasteurisation.

The products in this group can be whole milk, skimmed milk, Standardised milk, whipping cream, buttermilk and many types of fermented milk and cream.

The Health authorities set the rules for what test samples should be taken and analysed to ensure all pathogenic bacteria have died during pasteurised. Still, the dairies have the freedom to compose their recipe regarding the fat content and flavour they add to the product.

Remember!! The content in the packing must correspond to the declaration outside the filling.

This is consume milk products with longer shelf life

Cleaning & Consume products

 Food safety is comparable with Computer safety — Hackers (Wild Bacteria) are always present in great numbers, ready to spoil your work.

Therefore you must maintain a Firewall of cleanliness in the Dairy, and avoiding cross termination is an excellent place to start.

Another simple firewall is that the floor slop towards the drains, leaving no water puddles on the floor. — It should be common sense, but experience tells differently.

Not complicated at all, but think different, or contact Mejeriet.