Pasteurising preserves the value of raw milk as a commodity, and make sure the milk safe to drink.

The most common thermal treatments in the Dairy are mentioned below

  • Thermisation: 63° C – 15 Second – Mostly used if milk must be stored a while before pasteurising
  • LTLT Pasteurising of milk – 63° C – 30-33 minutes – Very gentle pasteurising, all taste remains unchanged, mostly for smaller capacities
  • HTST Pasteurising of milk – 72-75° C – 15-25 Seconds – Most common pasteurising for drinking milk, very economical
  • HTST Pasteurising of Cream – 83-85° C – 5-10 Seconds – For cream and fermented milk products
  • UHT Pasteurisation of milk – 135-142° C – 4-5 Seconds – For sterilised product with long shelf life and no need for cooling
  • Sterilisation in Container – 115-125° C – 20-30 minutes – Often used for condensed milk and e.g. Baby Food

There is an option for a pasteuriser unit, made  or special for small scale Farmers or a Mini Dairy

Above is a 2×1.000 ltr. Multi unit. Here you can Store the milk, Pasteurise, Make Yogurt, Cheese, Sour milk, Reconstitute milk powder, etc. etc.

Pasteurising temperature and holding time will vary according to the purpose of the final product, e.g. if you want to make cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, it will not be Pasteurised at the same temperature.

The pasteurising unit needs input from various services e.g. steam, water, ice water, compressed air, electricity.

Re-contamination of milk can occur directly. I.e. that the infectious agent is transmitted directly from a sick person to the milk.

Likewise, a disease can be transmitted indirectly. Here the disease is first transmitted to the cow and the milk will contain many bacteria, streptococci, which in humans can cause angina and scarlet fever.

Persons suffering from diseases must be removed immediately from the work of milk extraction, treatment, and distribution

Note: Government regulation for temperature treatment can vary from Country to Country or even from community to community.

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