Mejeriet is introducing a new approach to the small-scale dairy industry – a collaboration between Mejeriet, you and InventAgri Italy. Our joint mission shall provide economical, affordable, advanced, and efficient solutions for small and medium-sized dairy operations.


About us

Mejeriet is a group of individuals with roots in the different sections of the Danish dairy industry who like to youse their skills to serve the Small-scale dairy industry. The group consists of members who have inherited their roles from their ancestors, continuing a legacy of knowledge, skills, and expertise gained through generations.

Partnering InventAgri

Mejeriet is delighted to introduce its specialised equipment supplier, InventAgri, Italy, to the Scandinavian countries. InventAgri shares Mejeriet’s passion for individual dairy products and will supply small-scale, high-quality dairy equipment that promotes sustainability and excellence in the dairy industry.

Our goal

Mejeriet and InventAgri aim to foster strong partnerships with small-scale dairies in the Scandinavian countries, providing them with the expertise, knowledge, and equipment needed to achieve their production goals while prioritising sustainability, quality, and consumer satisfaction.

Services – Let’s break down each point:

  1. Equipment purchase: The service cost will be lower if you have prior experience and knowledge of the equipment in question and can work alongside local engineers to handle the installation. This is because it doesn’t require Mejeriet’s full capacities; you essentially contribute to the installation process.
  2. Building or Process Layout: Mejeriet offers building or process layout services. There is a small fee associated with this service. However, this fee can be significantly reduced (by 90%) if you decide to purchase equipment or services from Mejeriet.
  3. Equipment Installation and Operation: Mejeriet or another entity called InventAgri can arrange for the installation of the equipment and also manage the initial operation. The cost for this service can be structured either daily or as a lump sum, depending on your preference and the complexity of the installation and operation.
  4. Training in Process Technology: Mejeriet offers training in process technology. The cost for this training is on a daily rate.

These different degrees of service allow customers to choose the level of involvement and support they need from Mejeriet, from handling installations to receiving comprehensive services that include layout design, equipment operation, and training. The pricing structure is flexible and may vary depending on specific circumstances and customer preferences.

Care for every step

Mejeriet and InventAgri recognise the importance of every step in the dairy production process, from pasture to plate. We strive to ensure that each step in a process receives the right amount of care and sustainability standards. Includes using state-of-the-art equipment that is efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly and promotes responsible dairy production practices.

Our vision

Together, Mejeriet and InventAgri can contribute to advancing the Scandinavian small-scale dairy industry by providing cutting-edge equipment and solutions that empower dairies to produce premium dairy products in an environmentally responsible manner – From pasture to plate.

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